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Nomadic Thought Organization is primarily comprised of a group of individuals gathered around academic concerns. Our main objective is to bring together those with specific interests who experience difficulties in finding a space for expressing themselves in a medium where they can encounter subtle forms of thinking, perceiving, speaking, and listening thus recalling and enabling others to recall that thinking is by necessity a collaborative act. Because we have felt since the beginning that our geography lacks activities and organizations where forms and content that respond to our current philosophical, political, ethical, aesthetic, sociological etc. interests emerge thus facilitating means of encountering the finer forms of thought. This extreme narrowness of the appearances expected to make room for us to come together with individuals who separately conduct intellectual and/or artistic production activities that we are somehow aware of but have not yet met coupled with the ever increasing degeneracy of universities resulting in the loss of their ability to create a background for such encounters almost made it an obligation to initiate such an organization.

Hence, it can be stated that the Nomadic Thought Organization is an entity that emerged as a result of the current academic crisis that the university has been dragged into and that it is based on an academic necessity that should have actually been met by the university establishment. However, the interests of the entity are not limited to this; it aims to embrace life as a whole while making a modest contribution to the re-organization of a life that may actually be lived to its fullest extent. Conducting educational programs that bring together individuals with a diverse range of characteristics from a multitude of different segments to avoid meeting the sullen face of the uniform while, in the meantime, ensuring that these activities surpass mere intellectual gatherings where the topics in question are subjected to an in-depth discussion, is also among the goals of the organization. These focal educational programs exceeding the several hours spent in cramped conference halls are organized to provide a segment of life where time and space are reorganized for the participants beyond the solely scholastic academic activities and where the beaming face of a different possibility for coming together becomes visible yet again. Thus, the use of these activities based on understanding and transforming as a springboard by those who desire a different way of life will greatly satisfy and gratify the members of the Nomadic Thought Organization.