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Hannah Arendt Reading Sessions with Zeynep Gambetti

Hannah Arendt Reading Sessions with Zeynep Gambetti

General Information

The first session of our Arendt Readings event, which we held with Zeynep Gambetti, ended last Sunday. In order to take Arendt's problematic as a roadmap, we rethought the elemental structures of history in the context of the tradition we call the paradigm of sovereignty.
We discussed the relationship, interactions and differences between the concepts of work, labor and action in the context of the thought systems of different philosophers such as Marx, Spinoza and Deleuze. While the action stands out with its rhizomatic and multiplicity structure; work indicates a structure that leaves the creative and instrumental production logic and renders labor invisible.

These lectures, which will be conducted with the participation and theme of Zeynep Gambetti, propose to read the idiosyncratic political theory of a thinker who was as reactionary as Hannah Arendt but was also an inspiration, through a structuralist and materialist path. This theme, which includes discussing Arendt's original problematic through some key concepts, aims to present a different reading of Arendt through thinkers such as Marx, Deleuze, Althusser and Foucault, rather than being an introduction to Arendt.

You can reach the application form for our event, which we will hold its first session this week, from the link in our profile. Participation is limited, reading texts will be sent to those who will attend.

In the next lesson, we will meet again to examine the concepts of labor and work in more depth. Thanks to those who participated, our instrictor Zeynep and Nostalji Kitap Kafe.

Detailed information : info@gocebedusunce.org