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Art, Body and Resistance

Art, Body and Resistance

General Information

The feminist queer theory allows us to focus on the power relations in which bodies are captured. In doing so, it proceeds from the argument that boundaries, constants, or surfaces are formed through the performance of repetition and that the recognisability of norms is only possible with these repetitions. The theory doesn't see the network of relations that play a major role in the construction of bodies as externalized forces; It adopts the approach of complex networks of influence, which opens up space to establish our subjectivities and allows the emergence of resistance mechanisms. When the visibility of the repetitions that establish social life begins to fade, the concrete outputs of cultural policies make power and oppression visible to bodies. On the other hand, the “disruptive” moments created by artistic production are hidden in lenses where repetitions are interrupted, and what is unusually different is made visible. Therefore, art, in a way, is also a field of resistance. When power works by making life and body the same through all these body politics, the art experience already acquires the mission of differentiation.

This event will take place on April 8 at Karşı Sanat Çalışmalar, in partnership with Boun Sergi/Yuva Art Collective. It aims to offer a close look at the body’s construction, the politics of the body, the politics of life and death, the resistance created by art, and the aesthetic/politics/body relationship. In this event, which will start at 11:00, two lessons will be held with the participation of Aslı Zengin and Neriman Polat. In the evening, the selection prepared by Boun Sergi/Yuva on the body and resistance will be opened with a performance show. The exhibition will be open to visitors for the coming week.